stories from the weekend

thursday got to happy hour pretty late, which enabled us to stay longer, closing down karaoke (it seemed) before heading home after 1am. which was interesting in and of itself, as i drove my car over and almost into the 5 foot deep ditch running along old pittsboro on either side of robin’s driveway.

jane got out to check and saw that the back right wheel was hovering over several feet of air. it could have been much worse, but things were still pretty grim, as it was raining and nothing happened after i got out to push. asked robin’s sister to give us a hand, but jane realized that the parking break had been on, so finally i was able to push all four wheels of my car onto solid ground while jane drove.

friday installed wordpress on my webserver.

saturday i lazed around with jane, did some work on this wordpress plugin i’ve been coding (more on that later). eventually made it out of the house to see the kids at the ocsc, where they were enjoying life in advance of settling into their last semesters at sils.

sunday jane and i meant to go hiking, but wanted to do an errand at the mall and stop by rei to look at some trail runners first. somehow the mall trip absorbed the entire afternoon, not even giving us 5 minutes to visit rei before it closed. so hiking was a wash, but at least i found a nice shirt at banana republic. then we hopped on 40 and went down to see jackie and ryan who cooked us a lovely pork loin dinner with an apple tart for dessert. and we watched a strange movie called the dreamers.

monday though people kept saying the university would be closed on monday, sometimes that only means classes are cancelled. and no one at work on friday mentioned anything about a three day weekend. so it’s noon right now. i’m in bed on the laptop, probably going to do some house chores, laundry, who knows.



So is wordpress for the experience of running your own blog content management sytem?

well, i’m working on a “plugin” for wordpress to use over at orangepolitics. i’ve been trying to get all the pieces put together (roughly) before posting anything here, but i’m still not there yet.


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