how to upgrade php on debian

after making and eating chili with jane, i came back to my place on the way to catch the tail end of a poker game, only to discover it had been postponed due to the wintry mix.

so it’s around 10pm and i settle down to work some more on the dynamic blogroll. i thought i’d make a few more changes (thanks to some suggestions from ryan) and release v0.3. of course some of the changes required that i have a later version of php, but my server is running debian gnu/linux which tends to lag in the up-to-datedness of its software packages.

thus began a long journey in which, with limited knowledge of debian, or linux for that matter, i attempt to figure out how to get php to the latest version.

now i have no problem configuring and compiling things from source, but my experience with debian has taught me that they put their files in slightly different locations (more like OpenBSD, i believe). so if i installed php from scratch, i’d have the debian version in one place and the newly compiled version in another and it would be a mess. but this was all moot because in order to install php to be used with apache, i needed apxs (APache eXtenSion tool) which i didn’t have because i didn’t compile apache from the source. so now i was going to have to install apache which would put its files all over the place and really gunk things up.

so i almost get to emailing my dad, i half composed an email to my linux hacker friend nolan, but i kept going back to google, digging around, reading php and apache install docs, when someone, somewhere mentions as a place to go for more up-to-date, unofficial debian packages. talk about the world’s most unassuming website. from there i find which is listed as having packages to easily turn your box into a LAMP server. perfect!

30 minutes later i figure out/remember how to update the list of possible package sources for apt-get (/etc/apt/sources.lst) update php and mysql, and i’m off to the races.

except it’s 1:30 in the morning. so really i’m off to bed. but at least i got php upgraded to version 4.3.10.



This is the most boring shit ever. Talk about Airstreams or Timeshares.


Whoa, a bit caustic, and not person enough to sign it.

that’s alice for ya.

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Yes, I knew there was something familiar about that style…Alice, yo, what up?


are you using debian stable? i can’t bear to use anything less than testing

yeah, i think woody stable or something. i’m not too well-versed on the ins and outs of debian though. how do i check out testing?


go to /etc/apt/sources.list and change everything saying stable to testing.
then apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade

thanks. btw, who are you? :)


i found your site from orangepolitics and from searching for images of chapel hill on google


greetings… im looking for info on upgrading php 4 to 5 on debian, ne1 suggest a link? (nicely:)


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