arcade fire!

just got back from the arcade fire show. started the night out at reservoir, the new bar where go! studios used to be. in fact the bar is where the stage once was. they’ve got a single red pool table, juke box, and that upstairs loft thing with couches and coffee tables. definitely worth a check out.

kristina, pinky and mr pinky, robin, patrick, jane and i were all enjoying the scene. played some pool and generally got our collective asses kicked by mr. keg o’ rum himself. listened to some good tunes, jay-z, cursive, at the drive in. pretty much we were responsible for bankrolling the musical entertainment while we were there.

headed out to cats cradle in the subzero temperatures (read: 23°F). bumped into carlie and her posse. eventually kathleen showed with her crew. jackie and ryan showed up. some guy, who called himself “final fantasy,” played a violin in such a way that he was able to sample himself playing and sing on top of the sample–which was cool.

then arcade fire came on and literally rocked our faces off. i mean truly my face is somewhere on the floor at cats cradle while i am here writing this sans face. it’s hard to describe how satisfying and intriguing they are to listen to and watch. their music has lots of layers, and some how it all comes together without getting muddled. i want to say it’s operatic in terms of vocal texture and musical density.

in rare form (read: nostalgic youthful abandon), jackie, ryan, jane, me and robin headed back to reservoir, to chill and show the place off to our guests from raleigh. and hey, wouldn’t you know it joe was there!

after a while we headed out, managed not to get my car stuck in a ditch dropping robin off, and i’m in bed. eyes fighting with me to close. but i promised myself i’d write.

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