recipe for a birthday

showered, prettified, and headed off to the library, where the bbq had already arrived. so in classic flitting, scarved, sleep-deprived justin fashion, unloaded a veritable ton of food, and drank a responsible volume of beverage. thanks to everyone for participating in my meat-filled birthday/happy hour fantasy.

Pan of ribs
here’s a taste
Justin, newly 24, with a beer
newly minted 24-year-old justin with beer

Note: These photos originally appeared in my photo galleries.


mmm, tasty ribs! great pictures, justin

holy cow, you’re fancy. i just noticed you have rollover text for your sibs’ links!

yep, and jean’s

btw, i owe that picture of the ribs to melanie. i never thought of taking photos of the food (in part because the bar was so dark) go melanie!


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