what comes next?

yesterday melanie got married, she has her PJ who she missed terribly while she finished graduate school and he moved to tennessee and finished ranger school. they should be honeymooning now shortly, then starting a new life and career and family in tennessee.

it’s a lot of change all at once, but as i was talking to jane recently i think i came to realize i might prefer great life change (like moving to a foreign country, working for an ngo) rather than smaller change (like moving from chapel hill to carrboro) even though i realize on previous occasions i’ve said things quite differently.

this morning was the first unspokenfor weekend day that i’ve had in a while. no traveling to ohio, no graduation, no traveling to new orleans. no final papers or projects. so we went to weaver street for their sunday jazz brunch. ate a little. read a little. watched people a little.



ngo is? Non-Governmental Organization?

yo, you moving to gambia soon?
btw, hirsute was one of our vocab words this semester

that’s “the gambia” to you.

naw, i’m sticking around — that’s just something i keep in my back pocket.

i keep expecting melanie to post to her blog from mexico. i guess that’s what i would do, but i don’t expect she’ll be worrying about that. then again i could be wrong.


Did I ever see a computer in Mexico? Nope, no I didn’t. Honestly, I was concentrating more on the whirlpool in our marble-tiled bedroom. Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! Hammock on the balcony, that’s the life.


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