i didn’t go anywhere i didn’t need to go anywhere

my eyes get dry and the sound of the fridge gets louder and i find that there is no comfortable position to sit on my couch with my laptop for more that 10 minutes. i could have watched tv and i would have been taken somewhere. i could have read and i would have gone some where. but i sat in various poses in front of the screen moving forward slowly (toward moleskines) but not much at all.

i have not reimported my bookmarks after rebuilding my computer (weeks ago). i’m not sure why not. maybe i like starting over. maybe i’m lazy. suddenly i forget to do old daily things. i hadn’t read achewood in weeks.

i’ve been thinking about what i read to go for… inspiration? visceral enlightenment? boingboing remains still somehow the pulse. but boingboing is human, so i find myself turning more and more to algorithms. blogdex. there is an algorithm i can get behind. i’m sure there are others, but hey, we do what we know. and goddamn google news. if they would take that stinking “News” link off of the google search box i could stay blissfully unaware of retardo current events. i should switch my homepage to google/ie.


visceral enlightenment?… Is that like instructive porn?

like something that rises above the noise.


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