shaggy vs. santana: cajun style

delay in memphis gave us a chance to have ribs and pork bbq memphis style at corky’s in the airport. savory and delicious.

rain crashed jazz fest friday (we were too late anyway). so we took off to bourbon street, got ourselves some hurricanes and enjoyed the bawdy ambiance of the french quarter until settling down for dinner at ralph and kacoos. i had 1.5lbs of spicy boiled crawfish on the shell with corn and potatoes, jane had tilapia stuffed and topped with crab. in a surprising coup, she tried some of my crawfish etouffee and by the end of the night she was cracking the crawfish open, digging the tail meat out, and eatin them tasty lil’ roaches of the sea.

i wagered jane $10 that we’d bump into someone from unc during the trip, the question simply was how soon. sure enough, after dinner, heading back to bourbon, we cross paths with david of sils (he was in my 172 class this semester) and linda’s fame. said we should look for the unc flag at jazz fest the next day.

beignets and cafe au lait at cafe du monde this morning, and then we got on a street car and headed for jazz fest. i was in search of a soft shell crab po-boy, found it, also had fried green tomatoes, chicken and tasso, crawfish monica, strawberry lemonade, it was awesome.

appetites assuaged, we wandered right into shaggy–mr. lover, mr. bombastic, himself–being introduced. hell yeah we got to see “it wasn’t me” performed live in concert. after a bunch of grooving, we followed a mass exodus of people over to the stage where santana was starting his set, managed to see the carolina flag in the middle of tens of thousands of people, caught up with david and his crew in town for jazz-fest-cum-bachelor’s party extravaganza. saw/heard black magic woman, oh yeah.



Josh and Christen were there that night, too!

Loooooove Cafe du Monde.

I am soooo jealous.

I hate you guys.

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