pecan crusted puppy drum

jane reminds me that we also had blackened gator at ralph and kacoos.

saturday night we got gussied up and went out late for dinner. the kitchen had already closed at our first choice so we wandered towards jackson square and came upon the swanky muriel’s bistro–which i remembered as having been featured in a local newspaper.

we started a bottle of riesling at the bar in anticipation of fish later. pecan crusted puppy drum on the menu caught both our eyes, i think it was the crawfish and pecan relish that most intrigued me. i ordered turtle soup, jane gumbo, i ordered bread pudding, jane creme brule, a three course choose your own adventure–all that plus pecan sweet potatoes, a lovely complement to the savory meuniere sauce surrounding the drum. i cannot even describe how heavenly it all was.

we both had to leave some of the fish behind to spare room for dessert, of which a garnish on the creme brule, what seemed to be a very thin almond brittle, stole the show.


Stop it! You’re making me hungry!!!


um, was there going to be work involved in this trip?


Just got back and ate at Muriel’s several times (right on the corner in Jackson Square) Food is still just as good as ever. If you can try the to catch the Sunday brunch. Don’t shy away because of dress, you can go dressy or casual and still enjoy.


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