one of my favorite websites, Merrian Webster Online, just had an “extreme makeover.” which makes me think about the other online reference materials that i use daily:

what web resources do you use every day…?


see my latest post…i got a little carried away. also, is INFERIOR.

el jefe

hah! Its no-nonsense, easy to remember, and usually transforms my nonsensical gibberish into words damnit! Woooorrddss!

your brother and ESPN.COM, both of which i would be lost without.

I’m beginning to just use Google for everything. Now that you get definitions (define x in the search box), calculations, and even freaking tracking of packages…Google just rocks.

dude, I go to for all my social needs

this is so geeky, but i love this resource called jake. it’s hosted on a few different sites but can be easily found by typing ‘jake’ into google. once you get to the site, you can type in the name of any magazine, newspaper or journal and it will tell you which databases index that source either in abstract or in full text and which dates they cover. it’s a reference desk dream come true.

did you notice who is hosting jake?

Hmm…I use all the same references you do, justin, which is probably because you taught me how at some point, but is indisensable for teaching. And I would add for information on any musical artist, before seeing any movie, and before buying any record.

good ones jackie. i definitely use rottentomatoes frequently. note to self: need to check the freshness rating of “the cooler” which is playing at the carolina. similar to those and one suggested by my enigmatic brother, i also use at least once a week to check triangle area movie times.

the cooler – nicely played by william h. macy, maria bello and alec baldwin but chock full of meaty violence. and by meaty, i mean, hands on, broken bones, kicking in the ribs, graphic violence. if you don’t mind that, it’s a great film!


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