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My 2008 vote for president: Barack Obama and Joe Biden
2008 Presidential Election

My 2008 vote against California Proposition 8, which would eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry

2008 California Proposition 8

This image stopped me in my tracks

What an incredible piece of photojournalism by Shiho Fukada:

Shiho Fukada's photo of Jiang Guohua for the New York Times
Shiho Fukada’s photo of Jiang Guohua for the New York Times

This photo appeared on the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times (May 28, 2008) alongside the article Parents’ Grief Turns to Rage at Chinese Officials by Andrew Jacobs. The equally enraging caption for the photo read:

Jiang Guohua, the Communist Party boss of Mianzhu, knelt Sunday to ask parents of earthquake victims to abandon their protest.

War is over! If you want it

Powerful and appropriate, 38 years later.

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Source: imaginepeace.com

Update, December 8, 2009: WAR IS OVER! Multilingual posters / postcards
WAR IS OVER! Multilingual posters / postcards

Ivan rocks the vote

Friend (and coworker) Ivan Kanevski got props from the mainstream media last night for his work in creating the non-mainstream presidential candidate chooser, Glassbooth.

Ivan Kanevski on CBS 5 talking about Glassbooth

Totally rad!

Jay-Z flashing euros!

I love this:

When I start seeing rap stars flashing euros instead of U.S. dollars, I know our economy is in trouble.

Screenshot of 500 euro notes in Jay-Z's Blue Magic video
Screenshot at 0:54 from Jay-Z’s Blue Magic music video