I’m famous! (on a composition notebook in India)

I got one of my favorite emails a few days ago, this time from Shreyash in India who wrote:

I bought 3 notebooks for my assignments. They had a QR code at the back of it, which I scanned. It took me to your website. It took me a little while to figure it out but I eventually did, thanks to your article. This notebook is from a local manufacturer. I am attaching the images of the notebook for you to look at.

Here are the photos he sent me:

Front and back cover of an Asmi A4 Notebook from India
Front and back cover of the Asmi A4 Notebook

Close up of back cover of an Asmi A4 Notebook from India showing justinsomnia.org QR code
Close up of the back cover with my QR code

So, welcome to all the students visiting my blog from India. Are you confused? Read Why does that QR Code go to justinsomnia.org? to learn more.

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