So we did this thing

Justin and Stephanie's wedding selfie
The wedding selfie

I figured it might be important to post something about it here for those of you who don’t also follow Stephanie on Facebook—where the news was initially disseminated, far and wide.

In common parlance: we got married! Last Friday, amidst the rain and the Giants Parade and Halloween, the two of us went down to San Francisco City Hall, filled out the requisite paperwork, and had a poignant ceremony lasting just over two minutes. The tripod was our only witness, recording the brief event to share with our families in Texas, France, and beyond. Though we would have loved for them to be there with us, it just didn’t make sense for everyone to come so far for so little. (Don’t worry, we’re going to try to get the families together in France next summer!) Afterwards we went up to the fourth floor of City Hall and took photos of each other in our new spiffy duds for over an hour. Et voila! We were married.


Stephanie and Justin my sincere congratulations and best wishes to you both. All my love, Dad

Woohoo, congratulations!

Chris LoSacco

Congrats man!

Ken Snider

See, this is what I miss when I abandon social media.

Not that this is, well, likely a *surprise* to anyone (I mean, I presume trips around the world where the couple lives to tell about it more or less represents the ultimate test and all), but that makes it no less unwelcome or awesome news. :)

Congratulations to you both! :D


Congratulations! This is wonderful news. I am very happy for you.

Congratulations! I’m so glad I got to meet both of you several years ago. Best wishes for a lifetime of bloggable adventures!

congrats again….and let me tell you – big weddings are absolutly overrated..the most important thing is, whats going on AFTER the wedding day ;-)). Geli

Matthias Frei v/o Atom



Congrats, my old friend!


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