Rockstar Life

Most of my work days are pretty benign. And then there are days like today. Though to tell the whole story, I need to go back to yesterday.

I put in a full day of work on Wednesday, shipping an important feature just before 5. Went home to chill for a bit and pack for my 11:40 red-eye to Chicago—to attend a meeting early the next morning. Scooted with Stephanie to Shalala, her new favorite ramen shop. While there found out that my flight had been delayed until 1. This was actually good news, because after dinner we had tickets to the James Vincent McMorrow concert at the Fillmore, one of my favorite artists as of late, and the reason I opted to take the red-eye instead of leaving earlier in the day (with my three compadres from Sincerely). I had been planning on ducking out of the concert a little early and heading straight to the airport, but this meant all pressure was off.

McMorrow went on at 9 and finished up at 10:40. We scooted back home and hung out for a little bit before Stephanie went to bed and I left for the airport. Of course my flight didn’t actually board till 1, which meant we didn’t take off until at least 1:30, which meant I was going to be late for the meeting. Did my best to sleep during the four-hour flight. Kind of worked.

Plane landed around 7:30, took forever to get to the gate, and after freshening myself up in an airport restroom, I was on the way to my meeting. Arrived fashionably late, running on a bagel and my first-ever 5-Hour Energy. Meeting was done at noon, the four of us went to lunch, and now I’m back at the airport, waiting to catch a 4:10 (now 4:30!) flight to San Francisco. I should arrive home just in time for a late dinner.

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