I was a bike lane for Halloween

From the front it looked like I was just wearing a plain green t-shirt and shorts, so people would invariably ask, “And what are you?” That was my cue to lay down on the floor and wait for the moment of recognition. Actually got a few good laughs out of it. I loved it when someone said, “Oh, you’re The Wiggle!” (For those who don’t live in San Francisco, these “sharrows” are starting to pop up along the major bike routes all over town.)

Justin as a bike lane for Halloween
Bike Lane Justin

Stephanie thought my costume conveyed a deeper, almost morbid message—seeing me lay motionless on the ground evoked the four bicyclists who have died on city streets this year. I hadn’t quite considered that.



Very nice. What was Stephanie?

She was a marketing account manager coming home from 4-day, 3-city, cross-country business trip ;)

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