Take me out to the ballpark

While my brother Matthew was in town last month, he took me and Stephanie out to a SF Giants game. I can’t even remember the last time I attended a baseball game (perhaps the Durham Bulls back in NC?), but more importantly, it was Stephanie’s first baseball game ever.

Matthew, Stephanie, and Justin at a Giants game in SF
Group selfie at a Giants game

We had a lot of fun before the game asking her to explain the rules as she vaguely understood them:

“So the thrower throws the ball to the hitter, and then the hitter tosses the bat away with a dramatic flourish, and then he runs off somewhere…”

Matthew and Stephanie during the 7th inning stretch
7th inning stretch!

Even though the Giants ended up losing 0-1 in the end, we had a great time watching the game, watching the people watching the game, and indulging in all of our stadium food guilty pleasures: chicken fingers with fries, hot dogs, beer, and Ghirardelli hot chocolate.

Justin with Stephanie at her first baseball game: San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubs
Justin and Stephanie at a Giants game

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