Commute loop

Living in the Mission, working in Union Square, and bicycling between the two means I get to work in about 12 minutes. I’m pretty sure it’s the fastest commute I’ve ever had, and it’d probably be even faster if it weren’t for all. those. lights. I’m kind of glad I don’t have gears, or I’d be even more annoyed by the reds slowing me down.

My route is also pretty flat, so the only thing that really gets my heart beating is the occasional, inconsiderate driver forcing me to sound my barbaric YAWP. Which is not much of a workout. I pedal occasionally, I coast frequently. Bikes are great for that. But I can tell that I’m not exerting anywhere near the level of effort of my one-time, 30 minute walk to work.

Lately I’ve been joking with friends that I actually need to lengthen my afternoon commute in order to break a sweat. So today I did that. And I think I’m going to keep doing that every day going forward. Not only did the new route double the mileage of my morning commute, but it turned out to be a nicer ride, with longer stretches between lights. Plus, I like that the entire day’s commute forms a loop.

Commute Loop

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