My Leica year comes to an end

A year has passed since I began my delayed gratification photography project—an attempt to broaden my horizons by limiting myself to a Leica M3, one lens (50mm), and one type of film (Tri-X), for one year (as recommended by Mike…

Mac and cheese

I discovered that the lone celeriac in our fridge had developed a bad spot—but the rest was fine. I didn’t want to make another puree, so I looked in the pantry and found a bag of green lentils. Somehow the…

Ford Custom 500

An immaculate 1966 Ford Custom 500

AMC Pacer X

Nice balls, Pacer X

Red Karmann Ghia

Taking a page from the Red Car School of Photography

Malibu Classic

In the not so distant future, station wagons will be classic cars. Just a Chevy Malibu Classic

Naturally desaturated

Saab 96, #nofilter

Pink Cabriolet in the Mission

San Francisco’s pink Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet One of my favorite “car photos” is the Pink VW Cabrio on Pine Street, so I was delighted to stumble upon the pink Golf once again on my way home from work yesterday. I…

Searching for parents without certain children in SQL

I want to query for parent records (those on the one side of a one-to-many relationship) that have no children that meet a specific set of criteria. The parents in the result set may have no children at all, or…