Close encounters

As my taxi sped away from JFK during one of my trips to New York last April, an improbable sight caught my eye: the illuminated tail of a Space Shuttle poking out of a hangar, still mounted atop the special 747 that had brought it there. I had that giddy reaction of someone who’s just bumped into a celebrity—Space Shuttle Enterprise had been all over the news at the time.

So on my way back to the airport a few days later, I was prepared with my camera on the off chance that it was still there. It was, but I was not as prepared as I’d hoped, and of the 3 shots I was able to get off as the cab raced by, the one below was the best, and I think pretty accurately captured my passing glimpse from that first night.

Space Shuttle Enterprise parked at JFK Airport in NYC
Space Shuttle Enterprise parked at JFK

Suffice it to say I did not hear about Space Shuttle Endeavour’s flyby of San Francisco until after it happened. But lots of other people did. There’s a nice round up of pics at Burrito Justice’s post, Good Night, Sweet Prince.


Ha! We’re going to bump into each other one of these days. That’s pretty cool that you actually thought to ask your cab driver to stop.

Hehe… “ask”… more like “SPACE SHUTTLE STOP!” :)


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