A hybrid commute

Two months ago, not only did we move into our new home, but Simpleform moved into its new office on 2nd Street. As we were living only three blocks from the 16th St. Mission BART station, and I was working only two blocks from the Montgomery St. Station, I became a subway commuter for the first time in my life.

16th Mission BART Station, San Francisco
16th Mission Bart Station

After a few weeks, the novelty of being whisked to and fro by mass transit wore off, and I started to miss walking to work. I’ve never been big into gyms, so in the past I’ve tried to integrate walking into my daily routine as much as possible. But now with work just over two and a half miles away, it was a little too far to hoof it twice a day. So I decided to split the difference. I’d BART to work and walk home. The walk only takes about 45 minutes (which is less than my previous walking commute of 30-35 minutes, one way), but I experience so much more of the city, and it gives me an opportunity to take some photos en route.

Do Not Enter Julia Street, San Francisco
Do Not Enter Julia St


Great tension in the shadows and highlights in the 16th St. BART station shot. go go m3!


I hella love bart. I still think its cool that I travel at 80 MPH in a tube under the bay. The new seat covers take away my only real complaint (other than it doesn’t go everywhere in SF.) I am on Bart right now, it’s when I catch up on my feeds.

Goodness, I miss walking in SF. I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but I’m going to try and loosely connect commuting to work to working in SF. :) Do you happen to have any recommendations for job hunting in the area? Beyond Craigstlist/Monster/Careerbuilder? I’m in Los Angeles and have literally been applying to Bay Area jobs for over a year (gotten close, but ultimately they’re going with other candidates – local ones). I miss my city.

JS that was a lucky shot from my first roll (though I’ve got to stop saying that, because every non-daylight shot with film feels like a lucky shot). I don’t feel entirely comfortable picking the exposure indoors—the BART station shot was 1/50 @ f/4 (a wild guess!)—I wish I had an indoors counterpart to the Sunny 16 rule.

Corey, you’re starting to sound so west coast. ;)

Cat W, from what I hear anecdotally, companies in the Bay Area (specifically tech companies) are hurting for people. I’ve heard about referral bonuses (for engineers) being offered for upwards of $5000. Assuming you’re looking to relocate to SF, I don’t see why not being local would be a strike against you. Good luck.


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