Our pad in 8 bits

Courtesy of Google Maps “Quest”

Hotel Wifi JavaScript Injection

So I’m checking my blog on the hotel wifi, like ya do, and I notice something a little off with the style. There’s a dark colored bar at the top of the page that shouldn’t be there. That’s funny. Maybe…

Carving out our new home

Stephanie and I have been looking forward to taking a linocut class with Eric Rewitzer for a long time, but we didn’t have the time (or space of mind) to do so until February. The class took place at 3…


I’m not sure what’s more remarkable: that there was a time in the not-so-distant past when I didn’t bring a camera with me everywhere, or that in the present, everyone else has a camera with them at all times. Before…

From Twin Peaks

One Saturday morning a few weekends ago, Stephanie suggested that we take a break from unpacking and walk up to Twin Peaks. Here’s a few photos from our impromptu urban hike. San Francisco from Twin Peaks