This ain’t your father’s turducken

Instead of plain, ol’ turkey for Thanksgiving, Danny and Claudine treated us to a gourmet turducken, procured from 4505 Meats. This franken-turducken was half turkey on one side and half chicken on the other, with duck sausage and cornbread stuffing in the middle. It arrived pre-cooked sous-vide, so all they had to do was stick it in the oven to heat it through. It was very tasty. Thanks to Claudine for the photos!

4505 Meats Turducken Junior: before
Turducken Junior: Before
4505 Meats Turducken Junior: after
Turducken Junior: After
4505 Meats Turducken Junior: cross section
Turducken Junior: Inside

Update: This newspaper ad for Pepto-Bismol tickled me so much I had to take a photo of it. Suffice it to say the Turducken above did not require any Pepto.

Pepto-Bismol turducken newspaper ad
It’s a chicken. Inside a duck. Inside a turkey…

Apparently it’s not just a print campaign:

Pepto-Bismol 30 Second Holiday Turducken Video


You’re very welcome! Thanks for helping us consume the frankenducken! ;)

OH – and we LOVED the gratin! May we have the recipe?

Sure, we used this Celery Root Gratin recipe as the base, skipping the breadcrumbs and subbing what was probably an undetectable amount of curry powder for the nutmeg (because that’s what we had on hand).

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