I work for Kiva now!

Kiva logoI keep meaning to post something about having been offered a job, or starting my new job, but now that I’m already in my second week, I figured it was time to just come out and say it:

I’m a software engineer at Kiva.

Officially I’ve joined their “core services” group, which is responsible for the financial and database code that underlies kiva.org. I’ll be getting my hands dirty in the financials to start, but I’m also looking forward to helping tame their ever-growing database.

Update: Kiva moved from their longtime location in the Mission to a brand new office at 875 Howard in SOMA. The core services engineering team is off in the corner, so this picture doesn’t even begin to capture the spirit of the place. But that’s where I sit. The window looks out over Tehama Street.

Justin's desk at Kiva
My desk at Kiva (still perfecting my hardware setup)


Ben R


Suspected you had landed on your feet just fine. Great news.


well done amigo

Thanks all. More interesting updates to come…

Congrats! Excellent news, and possibly a good blend of recent things : the travelling and seeing the world, and your technical skills to help bring change in what you’ve seen.


Perfect !!

Sauj, that’s exactly what I’m thinking/hoping.

That’s awesome! I’ve been following you and your adventures since before I moved to SF in January. I’ve been wondering what would happen when the traveling stopped. So glad you found a great place to work!

Are you “More than Rainbows Carissa”? If so, I remember your comments on my blog in September of last year. Glad to hear you made it to SF.

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