Catching up with Eric Rewitzer

Besides interviewing for jobs and looking for apartments, one of the first things Stephanie and I did when we landed back in San Francisco was meet up with Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios. Earlier this year he used some of the photos I took during our transpacific container ship voyage as inspiration for a series of large-scale paintings (see my post, The making of PANAMAX, for the back story). When he exhibited the finished works last March we were still in Thailand (so obviously couldn’t make it), but we heard from friends who went that it was a great show.

Eric Rewitzer and Justin Watt standing in front of Eric's "Portal" painting
Me and Eric mugging for the camera in front of “Portal”

I was super-excited to finally check out the paintings in person—at least those that haven’t been sold yet (there are a few left for anyone who’s interested). They’re pretty amazing up close. Stephanie was so impressed she wanted to take them all home with her. Except that we don’t have a home to take them to (yet).

Eric Rewitzer's "Panama" painting in his studio
“Panama” (from a photo in Transiting the Panama Canal)

Then just this morning I discovered that SFGate is using a photo of one of Eric’s linocuts to highlight ArtSpan’s 36th annual SF Open Studios, happening every weekend this month.

Eric Rewitzer's red barcelona chair linocut on SFGate
Screenshot from SFGate’s homepage of Eric’s “Barcelona” linocut

Of course you can stop by 3 Fish Studios anytime (just email or call in advance), but as part of the Open Studios event, they and hundreds of other art studios in SOMA, Tenderloin, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, and Bayview will be throwing open their doors next weekend from 11am-6pm. Check ’em out!

Update, November 16, 2011: I happened to be flipping through a magazine while I was waiting for my lunch today, and wouldn’t you know it, a painting caught my eye. Sound familiar?

eric rewitzer portal painting artspan
Eric’s “Portal” painting in ArtSpan’s SF Open Studios Guide

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fantastic art !!

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