Off we go again

A year ago (on Monday) we set out on our big adventure. Today begins the final chapter of that journey. We’ll be returning to the United States the same way we left: by container ship.

Hanjin Palermo container ship near Antwerp, Belgium, © Klaus Kehrls
Hanjin Palermo photo © Klaus Kehrls

We’re currently in Le Havre, France, and at around noon today we’ll board the Hanjin Palermo (previously known as the London Senator) for a 10 day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. This time I won’t be bringing along a satellite modem, so there will be no blog updates en route.

Barring any unforeseen delays, we’ll disembark in New York City (technically the port in Elizabeth, New Jersey) sometime on Monday, August 22nd. After three days visiting with family and doing a little sightseeing, we’ll fly to Austin to stay with my parents and figure out where life takes us next.

Update: I’ve posted some photos from our Atlantic crossing.


Justin, I’ve been following your journey from Chapel Hill – made me want to pack my bags and take off for a year also… Best of luck when you return to the US – Austin is a nice landing pad.

Bon Voyage! Hope to see you and Steph at some point when you get stateside!

What an amazing adventure you two have had. So glad you’ll soon be back in the States safe and sound, with an amazing collection of stories and memories and pictures.

Man, a year goes really fast ! Well it doesn’t, but reading your blog, it only feels like it’s been a few months.

Safe Travels.

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