Rice paddies around Ubud

A few days ago Stephanie and I took a walk through the rice paddies north of Ubud. I found the unplanted (or already harvested) ones particularly photogenic, as you can easily see the borders demarcating each individual paddy (or terrace). The intricate waterways responsible for keeping them all submerged were mesmerizing. The ducks in the last photo are a form of pest-control (eating the bugs), a producer of fertilizer (pooping in the paddies), and a source of food (bebek goreng or “fried duck”).

ubud rice paddies 1
ubud rice paddies 2
ubud rice paddies 3
ubud rice paddies 4
ubud rice paddies 5



Can we change “s@*$ting” to “defecating”…

Heh. I did you one better.


How about changing “p**ping” to excrementing. tee hee hee

Hard to beat the pure poetry of “pooping in the paddies”.


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