Time-traveling container ship

We are currently at 30° 30′ 35.74″ S 169° 58′ 12.93″ W. Last night we gained an hour, making the ship’s time the same as Auckland’s—but on different days! To compensate, we had to advance (or lose) a day, skipping Friday, October 1st entirely.

In technical terms, we went from UTC -10 to UTC -11 and then all the way around to UTC +13—as a consequence of crossing the International Date Line. We haven’t officially crossed it yet, since that happens at 172.5° W longitude, but we’ll be there soon enough.

Cap Cleveland's 'flux capacitor'
Great Scott, Marty! This ship has a flux capacitor!

Also, for those who aren’t already following Stephanie’s blog, she’s been doing a whole series of posts on the various projects we’ve been entertaining ourselves with on the ship. So far she’s blogged about the books we brought with us, crocheting stuffed animals, and painting from a “container ship’s eye view”. Her latest is about cooking on the ship.

I would even go so far as to say that the abandon ship drill was a form of entertainment. Deadly serious entertainment.

Abandon ship drip group shot
Doesn’t that look like fun?

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