Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

We are currently at 26° 49′ 19.66″ S 163° 13′ 22.29″ W.

When I mentioned that rougher seas were ahead last weekend, I illustrated it with a pretty panorama, but it didn’t convey what it looks like when a container ship heels over the swells—back and forth, back and forth. Let me remedy that. I took these photos from the bridge around 11 this morning, when the ship was heeling between 4° and 8°.

The rolling already seems more dramatic this evening. Books and other smooth objects have begun sliding off flat surfaces, and it’s only supposed to get worse. I’m expecting that by the time we set foot in Auckland, I’ll look back on this post fondly and reply, “Eight degrees would rock me to sleep. Try sleeping through fifteen!”

Starboard heel of about 8°
Starboard heel of about 8°
Port heel of about 7°
Port heel of about 7°
Cap Cleveland bridge 5° starboard heel
Starboard heel of “only” 5° (standing further back in the bridge)

Rinse and repeat…



i would be very…very sick ;-))

It’s true, 8 will seem like nothing. Is there much fore-and-aft bouncing as well? The most fun will be your first shower in Auckland when you close your eyes to rinse and fall into the wall as your inner ear gets used to being stationary again.


justin hate to burst your bubble, and i am sure that there is somene out there that will burst mine, try sailing at 15 with a role back and forth to 30. now, try cooking. not to mention the up and down, and yes it will make you sick, i felt a little under the weather. and that first shower is a bit**

Csg, Daniel, haha! Oh believe me, I know we’ve got it pretty easy. Very little fore-and-aft bouncing. Just riding the swells ;) Though I’m told it’s a unique thing to experience it on a container ship. The rolling is slow and persistent, and somewhat exaggerated given how high up on the water our cabin is. But still, there have been no storms—so far—we’ve had it relatively easy.


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