Land anticipation

We are currently at 33° 53′ 41.45″ S 177° 24′ 7.38″ W, en route to Auckland, New Zealand.

At some point the voyage has to come to an end. Tomorrow we will be arriving at the port of Auckland. It will probably be very late at night. I don’t know when we’ll be docking. We’ll sleep on the ship, nervous with anticipation I’m sure. The next day we’ll be disembarking from what has been our floating home over the last month. Once we’re cleared by New Zealand Customs, a whole new journey begins: land-based, unplanned, no itinerary.

We’ve been very comfortable on the Cap Cleveland, almost surprisingly so. We haven’t had any unmet needs, whether it be food, or activity, or conversation, or personal space. We’ve been living in the present, from day-to-day. Even when we passed Tahiti (a wonderful event that punctuated the long transpacific crossing), I didn’t have any angst about not setting foot on land.

Today, however, we’re starting to get excited.

Rain clouds ahead as seen from the Cap Cleveland bridge
Rain clouds ahead
Rain clouds ahead as seen from the Cap Cleveland bridge
Reaching the rain
In the rain clouds as seen from the Cap Cleveland bridge
In the rain

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