Our container ship accommodations

After three weeks of living itinerantly as we traveled across the country, our 28-day stay on the Cap Cleveland was going to be the longest we’d be “in one place”, so we were anxious to see what the “owner’s cabin” accommodations were like.

The room is about 12 feet wide by 15 feet deep, all carpeted, with a single curtained window at one end (it would be an insult to call it a porthole). The view out is straight ahead, and when we boarded, it was not blocked by containers (though they were still loading the ship). There’s a double-bed in the corner with drawers underneath, a couch, a coffee table, a desk with a nice chair, a small fridge, a TV with a DVD player, a bookshelf, an armoire with drawers, and a bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet.

All this and it didn’t feel cramped, which immediately put us at ease. The only downside, so far, is that the AC broke on the ship on its way to Philadelphia. They tried to get a replacement part there, but it was the wrong one. We’re in Savannah as I write this (Friday), and HOPING that they get it fixed.

Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin from door
View from the door
Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin from couch
View from the couch (as Stephanie opens the bathroom door)
Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin window view (in port of Philadelphia
The window

Update: Eric Rewitzer used my photo above as the basis for a painting entitled Portal.

Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin view of Philadelphia port
Looking out the window
Looking down on the containers from the Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin
The stacks of containers below our window
View of downtown Philadelphia through the container cranes from the Cap Cleveland Owner's Cabin
View of downtown Philadelphia (seen through the crane)

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very..very…cool ;-)) – love post from the ship too

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