Land of the Kiwis, coming to a feedreader near you!

Justin and Stephanie in the Land of the Kiwis: Exotic Locations! Grand Adventures! Sheep!
Awesome poster courtesy of the hyper-talented Liam Boylan


hi justin and steffi ;-) – i closed my blog – but you will get always links to our new globetrotter-fotos ! i am looking foward to your big journey ;-)) Geli

Oh no Geli! Facebook killed your blog! ;) No worries, I understand, super difficult these days to keep up with all these things, and Facebook makes it so easy. Well, I know Stephanie is connected to you on FB, and I’ll keep updating the blog. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross as we may our way around the world?

yes …this would be a beautiful thought !! Within an inch i booked a flight to vietnam for the comming december – but we decided to make 2 weeks relaxing holidays on mauritius in the indian ocean…not FB kills my blog – only the time i need for this. Perhaps in winter, if there is more time for such things, i will creat a new blog – only for special people with a protected area.

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