The MadAss is bad ass

Sach's Madass mini-motorcycle/scooter

I just happened to stumble upon this franken-bike/scooter the other day, and I had to post a photo of it because I just can’t get over how insanely cool it is. Hmm, think I can convince Stephanie to get one as a replacement for her “baby blue”?



Oh fuck off, that’s MY scooter. I found it months ago.


I’m guessing there are enough for both of us to have one. ;)


The houston dealership (closest one to austin) doesn’t sell the 50cc – they say it’s too underpowered or something. The 125cc requires a motorcycle licence most places. FYI


They have the MadAss at the San Francisco Scooter Center if you want to check it out. I’ve seen a few in in the city.

Andy, ha, yes, in fact it was SF Scooter Center’s site where I happened to stumble upon it (while looking for another scooter I’ve been trying to identify)…

its realy cool..but you’ll get dirty during rain – this is the differet between this stuff and the roller scooter


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