Shrimp in a beer

On the way back from the Channel Islands, we stopped for lunch at Mariscos Puerto Nuevo in Soledad, which I’d previously written up in the aptly titled, An alternative garnish for Mexican beer. Somehow I remembered exactly where the place was, 4 years later. Here is their signature Mexican beer, garnished with both a wedge of lime and a shrimp dipped in hot sauce.

Corona with shrimp and lime


you have to insert the shrip into the beer ?


I’ve lived in Soledad my entire life, and even though Mariscos Puerto Nuevo is going on seven years of service, I’ve yet to stop by! If you’re ever passing through again, and looking for some amazing Mexican food, I recommend dropping by La Fuente–it’s on Front St. (the long road that passes through Soledad), alongside the highway…cheers!

Andres, but do they put shrimp in beer? I guess I’ll have to check it out.


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