Sheep Showdown

That would be the name of the cheese class I attended at the Cheese School of San Francisco last Saturday. It was taught by Michelle Buster, who led us through Cheeses of the Mediterranean a year earlier. This time we focused specifically on sheep milk cheeses from Italy, Spain, and Portugal, in particular ones that she has a direct hand in importing to the US—and in many cases, naming.

Sheep showdown cheese plate at the Cheese School of San Francisco

Starting with the cheese in the cup and going around clockwise:

  1. MitiCrema
  2. MitiCaña de Oveja*
  3. Rustico Limone*
  4. Malvarosa
  5. Romao Queso al Romero
  6. Sfizio Pecorino Crotenese
  7. Azeitão D.O.P.*
  8. MitiBleu
  9. Fulvi Pecorino Romano

I marked my favorites with an asterisk (to be honest they were all quite good), but the one that stood out the most was this runny, gooey Portuguese cheese called Azeitão D.O.P.

Azeitão D.O.P.

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