A taste of our sliders party

About 2 weeks ago (has it only been 2 weeks? it feels like ages) Stephanie and I hosted the latest in our series of food-themed parties, this time centered around the humble “slider” (or mini-burger). However since then life intervened in more ways than one, so I haven’t had a chance to post about it until now.

Let’s jump straight to the food, shall we? Other than ordering 100 mini brioche rolls from La Boulange, we made pretty much everything from scratch. I turned a 7 pound pork shoulder into NC-style pulled pork, made lamburgers with shallots and herbes de Provence, and roasted mini portobello mushrooms.

Along with that we had a whole bunch of homemade condiments: the previously blogged-about pickles (which turned out amazingly, by the way), aioli made in a mortar and pestle, coleslaw made with homemade mayonnaise, caramelized onions, and the pepper jack I made back in August. In addition to the usual finger foods, Stephanie had two Chaource-style bries she’d made a few weeks beforehand, as well as some olives and salami (Bâton de Berger) that we’d brought back from France. It was a feast!

I wish I’d had time to take pictures of all this wonderful food, but the light was low and I was busy ushering people into and around the apartment—over the course of the night we managed to pack in more than twenty people. However, my camera did make the rounds, so here’s a taste of the photos I found on it the next day:

Pepper Jack
The pepper jack, aged 3 months
Sliders party coffee table shot
A coffee table’s-eye view
Pickle jar with tongs
Pickle jar with olive wood pickle tongs (Chaource in background)

Did I mention we got two Twitter testimonials? Thanks quasistoic and claudinerlco.


one day we will have to bring stephanie’s cheese, your pickles, and my duck confit together.

oh.. what a nice idea – food themed parties – i think about this … to invite some friends to do this also…the second picture shows how relaxed the people sitting and appreciate your party

csg, I look forward to that day. Geli, you totally should. But once you start, it’s hard to ever have a party without a food-theme. I wracked my brain before we came up with the idea to do sliders. ;)

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