Pine Street sunset time-lapse

Time lapse sunset on Pine Street
Audio from Bit Shifter‘s cover of Weezer’s song, The World Has Turned And Left Me Here, used with permission. Thanks Josh!

This video was developed using my old Canon SD400, a tripod, CHDK running this time lapse script, FFmpeg, Audacity, and the JW FLV Player. Stephanie did the seamless audio-editing.

The 41 second time-lapse is made up of 1,001 photos taken out our window over the course of an hour and 40 minutes. I set the camera to take a photo every 2 seconds (which increased to every 6 seconds as the sun set), and it did so until the battery died.

For more information on how I made this, check out:

  1. How to make a time-lapse video with FFmpeg
  2. How to put video on the web without using YouTube


Hey – thats realy cool !!

Thanks, I had A LOT of fun making it.


this is cool. I was wondering if the pictures were accessible. I’ve just seen that I can change my Mac desktop background every 6 seconds so wanted to get a 30 min time lapse or similar set of images in a folder and change desktop every 5 seconds – have you tried this with your images?

Unfortunately I took this at a resolution of 640×480 (and then shrunk down to fit my blog) so it might look pretty crappy on a nice laptop LCD. There are about 1000 images. I don’t have a Mac, and haven’t tried anything like that with Ubuntu, but sounds cool. 1000 separate images refreshed at 5 seconds a frame would net you 83 minutes of desktop “video”.


ok. any plans to do any more?

Benn, time- and inspiration-willing, I hope so.


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