Annoying is: “mainstream” media stealing your Creative Commons licensed content and using it without attribution, even when you have a clearly articulated Attribution Policy.

Exhibit A: CBC’s now defunct Search Engine podcast used a tshirt design of mine to illustrate this episode: Russia’s Citizen Propagandists. Image source: In Soviet Russia, blog hacks you!

Update: Sent an email several weeks ago, haven’t heard back.

Exhibit B: The Barnesville Herald-Gazette used a picture of some NC BBQ I took (and ate) to illustrate an article: How to make North Carolina BBQ. Image source: The obligatory plate of North Carolina barbecue

Update: Sent an email, got an apology and an update. Thanks!


The second appears to have sited your blog post, so it looks like you won half the battle. :)

This happens to you a lot! You are on the pulse of something, for sure…

Porky Pig

Is that really North Carolina BBQ?? (Eastern? Western? Appalachian? Coastal?) and shouldn’t you at least give a little ‘shout out’ to whoever and wherever this plate of Q was prepared??

Webb, I mean Porky Pig, the original image source should answer all your questions: The obligatory plate of North Carolina barbecue. I updated the post with the source image links as well. In this case, the BBQ is from Bon’s Home Cookin’ in Chapel Hill. I think that counts as “eastern”.

Joy, the crazy thing is, I was planning on making pulled pork yesterday (which I ended up doing), so I was searching around for some recipes, stumbled across that article, and somehow I recognized the photo as mine.

At first I was like “that looks like the photo of NC BBQ I took” and then I was like “No, did I really have beans and mac and cheese as side dishes” so I checked and sure enough it was.

I just cannot classify Mama Dips or Bons as North Carolina BBQ, well at least not the barbecue I grew up on! The recipe above is a cross between Food Show’s Tyler Florence and my Mom’s (inspired from Red Bridges bbq in Shelby, NC) There are actually two Bridges bbq families in Shelby, one is vinegar base, one is tomato base(even though they both have tomato and both have vinegar!) The key is the ‘red’ slaw, just seems to go better with the Q (update: Bon’s is no longer in business, Mama Dips = rip-off, smaller portions higher prices…daily!) ah-b’di’b’di’b’dats all folks!


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