Alpine Cheese and Alsace Wine

I don’t know what made us sign up for this particular Cheese School class back in January. The description certainly didn’t let on to its awesomeness. Yet tonight we were taken on an entertaining tour of some of the best cheeses you could imagine, led by Wil Edwards and Melissa Schilling. There were those you may have heard of, like Emmentaler, Appenzeller, Comté, Gruyère, and Vacherin, and others maybe not, like Le Maréchal, Le Chartreux, Bettlemat, Grès de Vosges, and Forsterkase. All paired with wines from the Alsace region. I want to make fondue!

Alpine Cheeses at the Cheese School of San Francisco


Out of the couple classes I’ve taken there, Sheena Easton’s Locavore Beer and Cheese was probably the most fun.

talboito, I’ve taken that one too, maybe we were in the same class: Locavore’s Cheese and Beer


I just randomly googled my name and stumbled upon your blog. Glad you liked the class so much.


Melissa (I mean Mimi), but of course. It was a great class. Currently in France eating a lot of cheese, and not writing down all the names. Shame on me.


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