A Christmas Eve Raclette

We brought the raclette machine with us to Austin in case my family would be willing to take us up on a “personal pan fondue”. Everyone was game, so we set out to do a slightly Americanized version of Raclette (our second after the raclette party).

Instead of boiled potatoes, we baked them as thick chips, instead of more exotic charcuterie, we had lots of black forest ham (and a little prosciutto), and in addition to the traditional raclette cheese, we had some emmental and gouda. On the side we had mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, broccolini, and a sliced baguette (the last three were not on the table when I took this overhead shot).

Christmas Eve Raclette

I think everyone discovered prosciutto is actually not bad, and that grilled ham is great. The potatoes were a total hit (a great innovation I say!) and went like hotcakes, so we eventually switched to bread, which my brother used to assemble little ham and cheese sandwiches. All the while we were so focused on prepping the machine (and feeding ourselves) that we completely overlooked the salad that we’d made.

Somehow Stephanie managed to catch us in action:

The whole family enjoying a Christmas Eve Raclette



YAY, Austin X-mas! I worked until 9pm last night, but today is all about sitting around getting stuffed. Merry Christmas, Watts and Soleils!


GOOD STUFF!! but how in the world did you get that great overhead shot!?…some sort of mission impossible rope-pulley-bungee mechanism!? very COOL!

prosciutto bad!? we will have their heads removed!

NEAL’s deli opened up in Carrboro! they make their own pastrami and corned beef! Wow..is it ever amazing..check their website!(and history)… and last but not least Happy Holidays! and hope 2009 is beyond belief for ya!!
oh yeah, AWESOME G-bread-house!

Webb, three words: wide angle lens (that and I was standing on the chairs to the left of the photo).


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