Mt. Tamalpais grass

During the summer months, the North Bay turns golden which accentuates the contrast between the dry grass, the sky and the dispersed trees. Mount Tamalpais is a recurring example of this beauty, in addition to the spectacular elevated ocean views.

Today, hiking the coastal trail, we enjoyed summery temperatures, beautiful sunshine and a mild breeze which ran through the dry grass creating a special hiss.

—written by MC Soleil

Mt. Tamalpais grass

Listen to: Mt. Tamalpais grass

This post originally appeared on White Noise Lounge.


Bonus feature: in addition to chirping birds and the occasional motorcycle engine in the distance, at 3:23 a fly does a flyby.

Note: we were only able to get 4 minutes of wind through dry grass because on either end of our recording, hikers walked by having very audible conversations.


Nice work. It took me right back to the day. Loved the fly.


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