Federated Media code_swarm

A neat visualization of the work that the Federated Media Tech team (including me) has done over the last 14 months:

I put this together this afternoon using code_swarm. Andy uploaded it to Vimeo so the world can see: FM has tech!

Here’s a little explanation of what you are seeing:

This visualization, called code_swarm, shows the history of commits in a software project. A commit happens when a developer makes changes to the code or documents and transfers them into the central project repository. Both developers and files are represented as moving elements. When a developer commits a file, it lights up and flies towards that developer. Files are colored according to their purpose, such as whether they are source code or a document. If files or developers have not been active for a while, they will fade away. A histogram at the bottom keeps a reminder of what has come before.

In our case, red dots are PHP files, blue dots are HTML, CSS, and JS files, and turquoise dots are media files.


I added a soundtrack. :)


Congrats on all the iterations and fixes.

Ooo nice sound track, Andy! For some reason this video really makes me think of the fecundation process videos I’ve seen in middle or high school… but actually it’s not that far fetched!… you guys are giving “birth” to many things ;-)

Andy, the soundtrack rocks!

Stephanie we’ll have to add fecundation to your list of rarely used English words translated from French! But you’re right, there’s something very embryonic about that video.


Some day I need to find out how you connect your data into this program to create the animation. Since I don’t use CVS or subversion, I’d have to righ up something with the source control system I use.


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