Get thee to CoCo’s Crawfish

A few weeks ago I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve had any cajun food. I mentioned this to Stephanie who forwarded me a link to a creole restaurant, but one that’s only open for lunch. I figured there’s got to be some other cajun places in San Francisco, and then stumbled upon CoCo’s Crawfish, out at 24th and Irving.

On the surface it sounded too good to be true—a place that flies in live crawfish from New Orleans and prepares an authentic crawfish boil?! Even the sometimes-capricious Yelpers were enthusiastic. So I started dropping hints that I wanted to get some friends together to check this place out. Well, tonight Joy, Kyle, and Marcia took me up on the offer.

The menu was simple. They had crawfish, crab, and shrimp by the pound, as well as raw oysters and clams, plus corn on the cob and sausage. They boil the seafood along with the corn and sausage in their own homemade seasoning to order: mild, medium, or spicy.

Coco's Crawfish menu

We ordered three pounds of crawfish boiled mild with five corn on the cob and three sausages, plus a two pound dungeness crab. Oh man, it was so good. And so messy. And fun. Our server, Jonathan, was super cool and attentive, and CoCo happened to be eating at the table next to us and introduced herself. This could become a habit…

The crawfish boiled in a bag
The crawfish arrives, “en papillote”
The crawfish inside the bag
A peek inside the bag
Crawfish up close
Mr. Crawfish, up close
CoCo's Crawfish, the aftermath
The aftermath
Marcia, Joy, Kyle, Stephanie, and Justin at CoCo's Crawfish
The crew: Marcia, Joy, Kyle, Stephanie, and Justin
Justin with Jonathan and Coco of CoCo's Crawfish
Me with Jonathan and CoCo!



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