One Rincon Hill

One Rincon Hill from Brannan and Delancy
one of the tallest all-residential towers west of the Mississippi River



out of place, imo. maybe if the city had long ago begun the tall district/zone near the bridge anchor, one more tall bldg would be ok. unfortunately north of market is pricey.
perhaps mission bay should have been designated as the “next 50 year fill of tall bldgs” zone.
there’s also a lot of boring tickytack residential from before the official tickytacky era (~balboa area?), but trying to eminent domain those would fail. too political. it’s also difficult to compare which potential redev area has the more sacrificable existing (or restorable) “amenities” such as semi-undergrounded creeks, etc.

1 rinc exterior is also boring looking…

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Can’t build high rises on Mission Bay, the ground underneath is mud since it used to be a bay of water. Liquifaction will already bring the older buildings there down. Rincon Hill is on bedrock. That’s why SF has re-zoned that area okay for high rises, but since the market tanked alot of projects are on hold.


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