Were I to ever consider buying an SUV…

…I’d think about this one.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Which happens to be Toyota’s FJ Cruiser. It catches my eye whenever I see one on the road because it looks like nothing else out there. I’ve read that the design is supposed to be 1960s retro, but I’m not sure cars ever looked quite like this. Suffice it to say, two-tone body color = totally rad. Didn’t even realize that was a fetish of mine until now.

Obvious downside: 19 gallon tank at $3.35/gallon = ~$60 to fill up (and wretched gas mileage, of course). I guess everybody’s been dealing with this for a while now, but I stopped driving my car when gas prices were around $2.50. Right now I fill up my Vespa with premium about once a week, and even that shocks me when a mere 1.8 gallons comes out to over 6 bucks!


This is what my brother drives. He seems happy with it. :)


Totally going in the wrong direction. $0.00/gallon is where it’s at!

Man, the bike lock in that dude’s belt (made out of an old tube, I think) is HOT!


Justin: pretty sure it’s an old bicycle tire with the bead removed, not an innertube. Probably a racing/perf tire of some sort, but maybe a regular road-bike tire.

You can tell because the belt has a bit of a curve to it; an innertube would lay quite flat under those conditions, and would probably require adding some sort of additional structure (fabric backing, cord, etc.) that resists stretch to work well enough as a belt to hold a lock.


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