Back on the veggie delivery wagon

Awhile ago I wrote that one of my favorite things about the city was joining a community-supported agriculture co-op. Ironically just after I wrote that, Stephanie left the job where the vegetables were delivered. Though there were a few other locations downtown where we could have elected to pick them up, extending our trek home after commuting from Sausalito was a little too much to bear. That and it was getting to be a bit of a chore to always choose the fruits or vegetables we wanted each week. So we let our winter “subscription” expire without renewing.

Then this past September I stumbled upon the idea of having fresh fruits and nuts delivered to work with another CSA called Farm Fresh to You (by Capay Organic). Every other week we got a great assortment of fruits and nuts which I shared with the office, all of which would disappear in about 3 days. Around Thanksgiving the tech group at FM moved across the street to a new space, and it didn’t make sense to me to continue the fruits and nuts delivery for just a few of us—sharing them with everyone was half the fun. So I decided to switch my biweekly order to a small box of vegetables and fruits to bring home for me and Stephanie. Unlike the first CSA, with Farm Fresh to You we no longer got to choose what we wanted in advance. I’m sure that makes it a lot easier for them to prepare, and for us it’s one less thing to remember to do.

Plus the best thing is it forces us to be creative and find a recipes for some vegetables we’d probably never pick up at the supermarket, let alone identify, like fennel, rapini, or turnips. There’s something about the lack of choice in this situation that’s actually freeing. The first CSA we’d joined was called “Eat with the Seasons” and though I understood what that meant conceptually, I really had no idea what that meant in practice. Growing up in a world with cold storage and a global supermarket meant I had practically no working knowledge of seasonal growing patterns. I had access to almost anything all the time. So by eating more seasonally and by subscribing to a regular delivery schedule, not only do I feel freer, I’m also guaranteed never to be bored. Every other week comes with a slightly different assortment, bringing with it new cooking challenges.

Here’s what we discovered in our box this week:

Farm Fresh to You small mixed box fruits and vegetables
Leeks, granny smith apples, turnips, the most beautiful carrots, fennel, kiwis, and mandarins


We have tried CSA also, Del Rio was our choice, gievn where we live near the Sierras, there were not as many to choose from. We really enjoyed it and it forced us to eat seasonal. We now are back at the local Farmer’s Market – where else can yuo get 6 bags of produce for $25?

Granola Babies

I love the idea of this kind of veggie delivery, but I just don’t go through fresh food fast enough to do it myself. I am eating pickled carrots that I got at Aram’s last night. If you find a recipe for them (these ones have dill), you should post it. I struck out.

I love our CSA, but sometimes I wish I could tell them to stop sending so much freaking Kale.

Jackson, the one thing I neglected to mention is that we do have the option of requesting that we not get certain items. Perhaps it’s time to let them know about that dire Kale allergy you’ve recently developed, *wink wink*.


Justin, thank you for the blog alert. Obviously, I did visit your blog site! Just want to clarify for the more ‘picky’ eaters, we do offer the option of pre-selecting from our availabilities list, and we also include recipes with each delivery for those ‘probably-never-pick-up, unidentifiable’ items! Small farms such as ours depend on word of mouth, and every little bit (or blog) helps!

Thank you. georgette at farmfreshtoyou dot com


I have been a happy FFTY customer for almost a year now, and I’ve found them to be most accommodating when it comes to substitutions or schedule changes. Whenever I’m tired of a particular item or just decide that it’s something I don’t really like all that much, all it takes is a quick phone call or e-mail. It’s also really easy to add extra items (for a minimal charge, though I can’t remember what it is now) to your regular delivery. Their customer service is awesome.

As far as not using your produce quick enough, I had this problem for a while, but simply reduced my delivery to every other week. Then, if I happen to be on a cooking spree (like this week), a quick call to request an off-cycle delivery solves my problem.

Now if only I can find a CSA that delivers farm fresh organic eggs straight to my door…

Moyra says FFTY may one day have fresh eggs—she suggested writing in and asking for them.


Wow, thanks Justin (for the info on the eggs)! Glad I stumbled onto your blog. :)


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