Grilled Quesadilla Hot Dog

Quesadilla hot dog! Oh Yeah
Something to try at your next BBQ*
Quesadilla hot dog being eaten
Mmm… doesn’t that look good?

*And one more reason you should think about working at Federated Media


Now, hear me out on this.

Is it not conceivable that one could, in fact, place cheese curds on a tortilla, cover them in gravy, place another tortilla on top, then heat? And, if that is possible, could one then roll said tortilla around a hotdog covered in gravy?

Poutin Hotdog Quesadilla: the white trash snack food for clubbers.

P.S. You could also add french fries as a condiment.

Matt, I think making a poutine hot dog quesadilla may be your higher calling. Do it (and take pictures)!

p.s. I’d just put the french fries inside the quesadilla.

Just in!
I’ve heard they will be deep frying these Dogadilla’s at the NC State Fair coming up soon! It’s one of the few things they have yet to try to deep fry!

Wow, impressive, no hits in Google for dogadilla and is available.

I smell opportunity.

I’m surprised sometimes that my quesadilla dog isn’t more popular on the internets. Clearly I need to better promote the unique virtues of the ‘dilladog.


that looks so coool !!!!! i wish i was eating that right now looks tasty but a little grosssome how


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