Camping on the beach

A few glimpses from our camping trip this weekend, this time at Wright’s Beach, part of Sonoma Coast State Park.

The campsite view was awesome. The weather not so much. Thankfully it wasn’t windy. Perfect weather for sitting around a fire though.

Our campsite (and view) at Sonoma Coast's Wright's Beach campground

Stephanie loves setting up tents. LOVES. We may have to start collecting some different ones just to keep things interesting.

Stephanie setting up the tent

Here’s our REI Half Dome 2 all set up and tied down. It’s actually three separate pieces: a protective footprint on the bottom (think tarp), the tent itself (one piece, suspended from poles), and the rainfly on top. Rainfly was definitely very handy considering that ocean fog at night = misty air.

Tent all set up at Sonoma Coast's Wright's Beach campground

Artful shot of our campsite from the beach taken by Stephanie (skillfully avoiding nearby RVs).

Campsite at Wright's Beach, as seen from the beach

Julie, Patrice, and Eva joined us for the cookout segment of the evening. After grilled chicken quesadillas, burgers, and guacamole, we roasted these amazing marshmallows that I believe Julie found at Whole Foods.

Elyon marshmallows package

Your standard Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows are really soft and tend to slip off the stick (especially when held at an angle). But these amazing Elyon Marshmallows were a little dryer and stiffer, and formed an unbreakable bond with the stick, which made for some incredibly memorable roasting.

Elyon marshmallow roasting



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