To the top of Mount Diablo

A combination of it being high, hot, and distant had kept me from Mount Diablo State Park until last weekend when I discovered you could drive all the way to the top. We’d already reserved a Zipcar for an unplanned excursion, so I figured we could drive up as far as we wanted in order to adjust the hike to our liking.

I love the contrast in this photo. The dry yellow grass so typical of summer in California, the dark green trees somehow manage to stay alive with little or no rainfall. In a landscape like this you might think it was 100°F out, but actually it was quite pleasant, probably in the high 80s with a breeze.

Driving up Mount Diablo

I think we parked at the Mount Diablo Valley overlook, a little over a mile from the summit via the Juniper trail. It felt so good to be outside in the sun, surrounded by great views towards the bay. Just beyond the small lump in the center of this photo is the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco’s to the left and Mount Tam to the right. Note the white wisps of summer fog.

View towards the Golden Gate part way up Mount Diablo

Just when we thought we were almost done, it turned out we were only at the “lower summit”—but with a great view of the upper summit. Notice the winding road on the right poking through the trees.

The summit of Mount Diablo

Finally, here’s the view from the top, looking east towards California’s central valley.

The view east from the summit of Mount Diablo

For your viewing pleasure, here’s me and Stephanie, posing at the top.

Justin at the top of Mount Diablo
Stephanie at the top of Mount Diablo



it’s the rabbit ambulance!

I think of you as being high, hot, and distant all the time.

I can’t find your post about camping gear (deleted?) so I’m going to link here to my post that includes some camping checklists (scroll down). (Note: this is my totally undeveloped personal site.)

Damn csg, I’m not even sure how to take that. Great pick up line for sure though. :) Mostly distant had kept me away, and high somewhat dampened Stephanie’s interest. There was also something Jonathan said about tarantulas, but we didn’t see any.

Pamela, delete a blog post? What sacrilege! Fear not, it’s still here: Camping gear checklist, and being updated. I found it by typing “camping” in the little search box at the upper right, thanks to Yahoo (Google can go suck an egg).

I don’t think you were in the office today, but two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads, and two crushable pillows arrived.

Ha for a second I thought you were someone else, (shows how closely my notion of online identity is connected to URLs).


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