IKEA steal of the day: the SODA carafe (aka decanter) with funnel and filter. Handmade for only $15!

Ikea SODA decanter

I couldn’t resist picking up a cheap Cabernet-Shiraz blend at Target to test it out. Ikea and Target in the same day?! you ask. Oh yes, ohhh yes.

Ikea SODA decanter

Verdict? That was one damn fine $5 bottle of wine.



i covet your cool-ass decanter.


what does this thing do???

Joe, it’s supposed to aerate the wine, making cheap wines taste decent, and good wines taste great.


Decanters provide young wines of any price range with more oxygen to bring out thier subtle flavors. Test a few sips in a glass after opening a fresh bottle, after a sip- swirl it round, to let it breathe, & with the 2nd taste if you find the flavor is more complex & tastier. Then you ought to decanture the entire bottle. You can’t do it with every bottle though, you can ruin an ‘old’ wine where the flavors are already going.


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