I’m an edge lover

Christmas came early this year. Yesterday I made some brownies in my new Baker’s Edge brownie pan.

Baker's Edge brownie pan

Verdict: it’s awesome.

Surprises: it’s heavy. It appears to be made out of thickly cast aluminum. It’s big. It looks almost too big (area-wise) for a standard size box of brownie mix, but they came out of the oven perfectly thick (~1″ high) and evenly cooked through. And best of all: it came with a little hard plastic spatula that’s just the right width for scooping out of the pan.



I can attest to the fact that the brownies that came out of said pan were delicious! Looking more at this picture, it suddenly reminds me of the old video game called DugDug (I think!)…gotta munch your way to the top! Mmmm…brownies.


Some other goodies that can be made with the edge.


Well here’s where genetics don’t work, I like the centers and not the edges, but I’m glad that you found this to be awesome, and I’m so happy for you.

Katie, ha, you’re the second person to pass me the link to Cinq-Cinquièmes. Clearly Chocolate & Zucchini should be in my feedreader.

I’ll definitely be doing a lasagna next. And Stephanie wants to do a gratin.

Well Dad, you’re really missing out. :) I’ve always been a fan of corners—for the extra-contrast between the crunchy edge and the soft edge.

That is so cool. ^_^ I’m an edge person, myself.


what kind of pan is that?


Yeah, she’s pretty awesome. I’m very jealous of how her life has changed in the last year or two.

Melissa, it’s a Baker’s Edge brownie pan.

Katie, I’m just impressed at her seemingly perfect written English, having only lived in the US for two years at a dotcom startup.

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