Buffalo wings in Buffalo look like buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings from Duff's in Buffalo, NY
Courtesy of Duff’s



did you find poutine at all??

Ha nope just Buffalo Wings this time.

My good college friend married a guy from Buffalo, and his father turns out to have been the purveyor that suggested to the owners of the Anchor Bar that they included celery and ranch dressing along with their spicy wings.


They Look freaking Delciuos I cant stand it! I freaking <3 WINGS they are my FAV food!

Duff’s wings are pretty good. They’re on the hotter end, too (which I like). Stay away from Anchor Bar, though–they rely on their reputation too much. Pearl Street Brewery are probably my other favorites. (And poutine rules. It always tastes better in Quebec, although you can actually get that in Buffalo, too.)


I’m from Buffalo and used to be a prep cook for a few resturants. The secret to buffalo wings is mostly “Frank’s Red Hot Sauce”. Mixing it up in a bowl with just the right enough of butter usually makes them the tastiest. Just thought if anyone reads this can use a tip if you were planning on preparing some.

Mike D.

Duff’s Wing’s are the best in Buffalo!!


I still live in Buffalo and i always go to duffs for the death wings. the hotter the better i think, even if it hurts which kinda scares me. Franks red hot is the best hot sauce there is for wings though.


no ranch bleu cheese, and duffs is way better than the anchor bar….im from buffalo


Wings should be served with bleu cheese not ranch!!!


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